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Cards here are listed by artist's initials of first name, then last name.



BHD01: The Singing Garden
BHD02: Love Each Other
BHD03: Sweet Slumber


BHD04: Love Mandala
BHD01: The Singing Garden
Heart Reflections
Into the Horizon
Expanding Heart


BHD05: Sol


BHD06: Kaleidescope
Breathing the Sun
  CHK01: Pink Flowers CHK02: Flaming Corazon CHK03: The Yellow Flowers CHK04: Sol
  The Yellow Flowers Sol
  CHK05: The Promise CHK06: Alone CHK07: Alone Tres CHK08: Esperanzas Rebozo
  The Promise Alone Alone Tres Esperanzas Rebozo
  CHK09: Blu CHK10: Frida Today CHK11: Las Floras Para Ti CHK12: El Centro del Pueblo
  Blu Frida Today Las Floras Para Ti El Centro del Pueblo
  CHK13: Owl CHK14: Blissfulness CHK15: Parallel Lives CHK16: Piensa en Mi
  Owl Blissfulness Parallel Lives Piensa en Mi


CW02: The Beckoning Door
CW03: Harmony
CW04: Rest
CW07: Love Grows
The Beckoning Door
Love Grows
CW12: Contented Cats
CW13: Fiesta Ware
CW14: Lotus Bed
CW16: Horses
Contented Cats
California Pottery
Lotus Bed
  CW19: The Calico Cat
CW18: Starry Night
CW21: Awaiting You
CW23: What'sCooking?
  The Calico Cat Starry Night Awaiting You
What's Cooking?
  CW22: Henrietta Hen
CW31: Chickens
CW27: Samta Barbara Pier
CW48: Ojai Tower
  Henrietta Hen Chickens Santa Barbara Pier
  CW47: Sunflowers CW28: Roberta's Cats CWM17: Living Room CW32: Dreaming Dog
Roberta's Cats
Dreaming Dog
  CW26: Visiting Van Gogh (The Fields) CW30: Leaning Horses CW29: Montecito Cottage CW46: Dark Horses
  Visiting Van Gogh Leaning Horses Montecito Cottage CWM46: Dark Horses
  CW40: Grandma's Cactus CW42: Prayer for Peace CW01: Blooming Inside CW36: Church Door
  Grandma's Cactus Prayer for Peace Blooming Inside Church Door
  CW34: Buddha CW05: Simple Comforts CWM37: Mt. Carmel Church CWM38: Mt. Carmel Bell
Simple Comforts
Mt. Carmel Church Mt. Carmel Bell
  CWM39: Mt. Carmel Churchyard CWM49: Waterlily CWM20: Reading Room CWM45: (Ojai or CA) Sky
  Mt. Carmel Courtyard
California (Ojai) Sky
  CW33: Happy Everything
CWM24: Winter Warmth
CW25: White Christmas
  Marco Christmas
Winter Warmth
White Christmas
DMH04: We Three
Meow-velous Mom
Apple Pie Mom
Stylish Mom
We Three
DMH05: Squirrel Dinner
DMH06: Day on the Town
DMH07: Meditation
DMH08: Mermaid
Squirrel Dinner
Tiny Town
DMH09: Seahorses
DMH10: Bouquet
DMH11: Black Cat
DMH12: Halloween Candy
Black Cat
Halloween Candy
DMH13: Trick or Treat
DMH14: Holiday Party
DMH15: Dance of the Snowmen
DMH16: Yule Tree
Trick or Treat
Holiday Party
Dance of the Snowmen
Yule Tree
DJS01: Moonlight Voyage
DJS02: Enjoying the Marina
DJS03: Pool Party
DJS04: Moonlight Meditation
Moonlight Voyage
Enjoying the Marina
Pool Party
Moonlight Meditation
DJS05: Mountiantop Revelation
DJS06: Bath Time Meditation
DJS07: Cats in Paradise
DJS08: The Magical Present
Mountaintop Revelation
Bath Time Meditation
Cats in Paradise
The Magical Present
DJS09: Freedom
DJS10: Contemplation
DJS11: A Good Run
DJS16: Scampering Home
A Good Run
Scampering Home
  DJS17: Tanka, the Strawberry Appoloosa DJS18: Cuddling DJS20: Presence DJS21: Magnum, the Palomino
  Tangka, the Strawberry Appoloosa Cuddling Presence Magnum, the Palomino
DK01: King's Mantle
DK02: Totem
DK03: Sunflower
DK04: Red Columbine
King's Mantle
DK05: Succulent Flower


DK08: Jester Flower
Succulent Flower
Cat in the Grass
Mahakali Flower
Jester Flower


DK09: Buddha Flower


DK10: Three Stems


DK11: Blooming Bicycle


DK12: Holiday Delivery
Buddha Flower
Three Stems
Blooming Bicycle
Holiday Delivery


DK13: Home Sweet Home


DK14: Urban River


DK15: One Hot Pepper


DK16: Red Zinnias
Home Sweet Home
Urban River
One Hot Pepper
Red Zinnias


DK17: Red Orchid


DK18: Moon Shadow


DK19: Heart to Heart


DK20: Fuscias
Red Orchid
Heart to Heart


DK21: Two Stems


DK22: Red Day Lily


DK23: Nasturtiums


DK25: Echinacea
Two Stems
Red Day Lily


DK26: Grasshopper Flower


DK27: Side By Side


DK29: Red Carnation


DK30: Yellow Shasta Daisy
Grasshopper Flower
Side By Side
Red Carnation
Yellow Shasta Daisy


DK31: Red Gladiola


DK32: Organic


DK35: Canary Bird Flower


DK37: Lily of the Valley
Red Gladiola
Canary Bird Flower
Lily of the Valley


DK38: Red Poppy


DK36: Blue Bachelor Button
Red Poppy
Blue Bachelor Button
FM01: Snow Sledding
FM02: Snowy Village
FM03: Seaside Village
FM04: Meadow Sunset
Snow Sledding
Snowy Village
Seaside Village
Meadow Sunset
FM05: Mountian View
FM06: Eucalyptus Grove
FM07: Setting Sun
FM09: Besant Meadow Morning
Mountain View
Eucalyptus Grove
Setting Sun
Besant-Meadow Morning



GC01: Flower Series #1
GC02: Upper Ojai Valley

GC03: Ojai Valley

GC04: Ojai Oranges

Flower Series #1
Ojai Upper Valley
Ojai Valley
Ojai Oranges
  GC05: Five Trees with Red Shadows GC06: Ventura Pier GC07: How to Keep a Secret GC08: My Dog Spot
Five Trees with Red Shadows
Ventura Pier How to Keep a Secret My Dog Spot
  GC09: Ojai Patchwork GC10: A Yellow Field in Ojai GC11: Matilija Poppies GC12: Red River Bottom
  Ojai Patchwork A Yellow Field in Ojai Matilija Poppies Red River Bottom
  GC13: New Day Kissed with Morning Glories GC14: Friends Come In All Sizes GC15: Behind St. Thomas GC16: Bully for You! (Bully Series)
  New Day Kissed with Morning Glories Friends Come In All Sizes Behind St. Thomas Bully for You
  GC17: Will You Be My Valentine (Bully Series) GC18: A Little Bird Told Me (Bully Series) GC19: A Smashing Birthday (Bully Series) GC20: Bully
  Will You Be My Valentine (Bully Series) A Little Bird Told Me (Bully Series) A Smashing Birthday (Bully Series) Bully
  GC21: Ojai Bounty GC23: Wine and Grapes

GC26: Rain or Shine

(Motherhood Series)

GC27: Sharing the Passion

(Motherhood Series)

Ojai Bounty
Wine and Grapes
Rain or Shine
Sharing the Passion

GC28: No Rights

(Motherhood Series)

GC29: Expectations

(Motherhood Series)

GC30: Sometimes Babies Die

(Motherhood Series)

GC31: Giving Wings

(Motherhood Series)

  No Rights Expectations Sometimes Babies Die Giving Wings

GC32: The Willful Child

(Motherhood Series)

GC33: Giving Roots

(Motherhood Series)

GC34: Loving What Is

(Motherhood Series)

GC35: Mama Has Her

Red Shoes On

(Motherhood Series)

The Willful Child
Giving Roots
Loving What Is Mama Has Her Red Shoes On

GC36: The Empty Nest

(Motherhood Series)

GC37: It Takes A Village

(Motherhood Series)

  The Empty Nest It Takes a Village    
LB01: No Expirey Date
LB02: On the Road
LB03: City Bike
LB04: Infinite Possibilities
No Expirey Date
Hard Road
City Rain
Infinite Possibility
LB05: Venture
LB06: Moonlit Teepee
LB07: Phoenix
LB08: Tread Lightly
Moonlit Teepee
Tread Lightly
LB09: No Boxing
LB10: Street Artist
No Boxing
Street Artist
LM05: The Heat
LM06: Julliette
LM07: Reading
LM08: Sweet Surrender
The Heat
Sweet Surrender
LM09: Divine Wine
LM10: Red Dancing Shoes
LM11: The Embrace
LM12: Love Light
Divine Wine
Red Dancing Shoes
The Embrace
Love Light
LM13: Samba
LM14: For the Sake of Peace
LM15: Lotus Lady
LM16: Namu
For the Sake of Peace
Lotus Lady
LM17: Blue Harmony
LM18: Heart Light
LM19: I Love You
LM20: I Love You Too
Blue Harmony
Heart Light I Love You I Love You Too
LM01: Burgundy I
LM02: Burgundy II
LM03: Burgundy III
LM04: Cafe Au Lait
Burgundy I
Burgundy II
Burgundy III
Cafe Au Lait
  LM21: Floral Delight LM22: Samba II LM23: Delight LM24: Lovers
Floral Delight
Samba II
LM25: Swiss Red
LM38: I Love All of You
LM27: Dancers
LM28: Rumba I
Swiss Red
I Love All of You
Rumba I
  LM29: Violette LM30: Red LM31: Joanne Green Hat LM32: The Embrace II
Joanne Green Hat
The Embrace II
  LM33: Heart Light II LM39: My Heart LM35: I Love You III LM36: I Love You I
Heart Light II
My Heart
I Love You
I Love You I
  LM26: Yokiro LM34: Floral Delight V LM40: Pure Heart
Floral Delight V
Pure Heart
  LM41: Heart Light I


LM43: Madonna II
LM44: Suki
Heart Light I
Madonna II
  LM45: Let's Dance LM50: Hold My Heart LM47: Lemon Roses LM48: Floral Delight
Let's Dance
Hold My Heart
Lemon Roses
Floral Delight
  LM49: Floral Delight V LM46: Audrey LM51: Pure Heart I LM52: Pure Heart II
Floral Delight V
Pure Heart I
Pure Heart II
  LM53: Dancing Hearts I LM54: Dancing Hearts II LM55: Dancing Hearts III LM56: Dancing Hearts IV
  Dancing Hearts I
Dancing Hearts II
Dancing Hearts III
Dancing Hearts IV
  LM57: Joy LM58: Joyful Hearts LM59: Franky Valentine 1 LM60: Franky Valentine 2
  Joy Joyful Hearts Franky Valentine 1 Franky Valentine 2
MD01: Wildflower Bouquet
Wildflower Bouquet
Sunset Celebration
Plumeria Dream
Happy Flowers
MD07: Marvelous Mom
MD08v: Merci
Two Hearts as One
Stargazer Lilies
Mavelous Mom Merci
MD09v: Merci
MD10: Baby Feet
MD12: Carribean Dream
MD13: Autumn Treasure
  Merci Baby Feet Carribean Dream Autumn Treasure
MD14: Blue Corn
MD15: Autumn Leaves
MD16: Golden Sunflowers
MD17: Sunset Surfer
  Blue Corn Autumn Leaves Golden Sunflowers Sunset Surfer
MD18: Under the Pier
MD19: The Pier

MD20: Path to the Beach

MD21: Holiday Blessings
  Under the Pier The Pier Path to the Beach
MD22: Yule "Tide" Greetings
MD23: On the Beach
MD24: Baby on Board
MD25: Pomegranate
  Yule "Tide" Greetings On the Beach Baby on Board Pomegranate
MD26-G: Adventure Dad & Daughter
MD26-B: Adventure Dad & Son
MD28: Birthday Cake
  Daventure Dad and Daughter Adventure Dad and Son Birthday Cake  
O1: Freedom
O2: Passion
O3: Alchemy

O5: Creation

O6: Reflection

O7: Surrender
O8: Woman
O9: Yes
O10: Ecstacy
O11: Grace
O12: Return to Union
Return to Union
As Above, So Below
O18: Gate Guardian
Lotus Heart
Gate Guardian
SJ01: Sweet Peace
SJ02: Home for the Holidays
SJ03: Christmas Tea
SJ04: Christmas Eve
Sweet Peace
Home for the Holidays
Christmas Tea
Christmas Eve
SJ05: Creek Road Christmas
SJ06: A Summer Day
SJ07: Beach Day
SJ08: Sailing
Creek Road Christmas
A Summer Day
Beach Day
SJ09: Song Birds
SJ10: An Evening at Home
SJ11: Cappucino for Two
SJ12: Gardening Day
Song Birds
An Evening at Home
Cappucino for Two
Gardening Day
SJ13: My Boudoir
SJ14: Sun Room
SJ15: Contentment
SJ16: The Heart of the Home
My Boudoir
The Sun Room
The Heart of the Home
SJ17: Tea Time
SJ18: Song of Light
SJ19: Tea for Two
SJ20: The Porch
Tea Time
Song of Light
Tea for Two
The Porch
SJ21: Ojai Christmas
SJ22: Ojai Sunrise
SJ23: Ojai Joy
SJ24: Cozy Couch
Ojai Christmas
Ojai Sunrise
Ojai Joy
Cozy Couch
SJ25: San Francisco
SJ26: Music Room
SJ27: Ojai in Bloom
SJ28: Tea Party
San Francisco
Music Room
Ojai in Bloom
Tea Party

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SKG01: Bates Beach
SKG02: Lake View from Above
SKG03: Lake View
SKG04: Chief Peak
Bates Beach
Lake Casitas from Above
Lake Casitas
Chief Peak
SKG05:Country Road
SKG06: The Ranch
SKG07: Oak Forest
SKG08: Topa Spirit
Oso Road
The Ranch
Ojai Oak Forest
Topa Spirit
SKG09: Sespe Wilderness
SKG10: Sand Dunes & Pines
SKG11: Lake Sky
SKG12: After the Rains
Sespe Wilderness
Sand Dunes & Pines
Lake Casitas Sky


SKG13: Sulphur Mountain
SKG14: Mountain Road
SKG15: Oak Canopy
SKG16: Mountain Spring
Sulphur Mountain
Shelf Road
Ojai Oak
Upper Lion Pools
SKG17: Mountain Falls
SKG18: The Swimming Hole
SKG19: Piedras Blancas
SKG20: Orange Grove
Middle Lion Pools
The Swimming Hole
Piedras Blancas
Orange Grove
SKG21: Santa Barbara Mission
SKG22: Off the Road
SKG23: Waiting for Spring
SKG24: Behind Your House
Santa Barbara Mission
Off the Road
Behind Your House
SKG25: Santa Rosa Island
SKG26: Tall Eucalyptus
SKG27: Redwoods
SKG28: Oso Ranch
Santa Rosa Island
Tall Oak
Oso Ranch
SKG29: Santa Rosa Beach
SKG30: Torrey Pines
SKG31: Santa Rosa Beach
SKG32: Shelf Road
Santa Rosa Beach
Torrey Pines
Santa Rosa Beach
Shelf Road
SKG33: Oso Road
SKG34: The Park Fountain
SKG35: Chief Peak Beyond the Oranges
SKG36: Intertwined
Oso Road
Ojai Post Office
Chief Peak Beyond the Orange Trees
Intertwined (Lake Casitas)
SKG37: Highway 150
SKG38: Pond of Desire
SKG39: Ca;lifornia Cafe
SKG40: Mountain Hike
Highway 150 (Near Lake Casitas)
Pond of Desire
Farmer and the Cook
Shelf Road 3
SKG41: View from Mountain Road
SKG42: Beach Cafe
SKG43: Beach Pavalion
SKG44: Peaceful Canyon
Shelf Road 4
Beach Cafe
Beach Pavilion
Santa Barbara Canyon
SKG45: Surfer's Beach
SKG46; Purple Mountains
SKG47: Barn and Chief Peak

SKG48: Twin Owls (Rocky Mountains)

Santa Barbara Beach
Purple Mountain Lake
Barn and Chief Peak
Twin Owls of Rocky Mountains
SKG49: Ojai Ranch
SKG50: Red Barn
SKG51: Mountain Road
SKG53: California Summer
Ojai Ranch
Red Barn
Mountain Road
California Summer
SKG54: Secluded Beach
SKG55: Pine Mountain
SKG56: (Santa Barbara) Sailing Beach
SKG57: CA (Santa Rosa) Island
Secluded Beach
Pine Mountain
Santa Barbara Sailing Beach
Santa Rosa Island
SKG58: Ventura Pier
SKG59: Bates/Rincon Beach
SKG60: Bates/Rincon Beach Summer
SKG61: Horn Creek Pool
Ventura Pier
Bates/Rincon Beach
Bates/Rincon Beach Summer
Horn Creek Pool
SKG62: Big Topas
SKG63: Electric Topas
SKG64: Riverbottom in Autumn
SKG65: Ocean Storm (Valley Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island)
Big Topas
Topas Electric
Riverbottom in Autumn
Ocean Storm, Santa Cruz Island
SKG66: Moonlight on the Meadow
SKG67: Picacho del Diablo, Santa Cruz Island
SKG68: Blue Banks, Santa Cruz Island
SKG69: Bosque Mano, Santa Cruz Island
Moonlight on the Meadow
Picacho del Diablo, Santa Cruz Island
Blue Banks, Santa Cruz Island
Bosque Mano, Santa Cruz Island
SKG70: Summerland Beach
SKG71: La Cascada, Santa Cruz Island
SKG72: (Ojai) California Farm

SKG73: Glorious View (Ojai)

Summerland Beach
La Cascada, Santa Cruz Island
California Farm
Glorious View
SKG74: Pele
SKG75: Pacific Ocean Sunset
SKG76: Heart of the Lake (Casitas)
SKG77: Hawaii
Pacific Ocean Sunset
Heart of the Lake
SKG78: Hawaii Beach
SKG79: Ledbetter Beach
SKG80: (Swimming Hole 2) Puako, Hawaii
Hawaii Beach
Ledbetter Beach
SW01: Spirit of the Topas
SW02: The Love Between Woman and Horse
SW03: Oneness
SW04: Mother and Baby 1

Spirit of the Topas

The Love Between Woman and Horse


Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1Mother and Baby 1

  SW05: Held in the Nest
SW06: Ascend
SW07: Surrender
SW08: Shakti

Held in the Nest




SW09: Emerging from the Chrysalis
SW10: Solace
SW11: Blessing Woman
SW12: Carry Me Home

Emerging from the Chrysalis


Blessing Woman

Carry Me Home

SW13: Mother and Child 2
SW14: Mother and Child
SW15: Emergence
SW16: The Couple

Mother and Child 2

Mother and Child


The Couple



SW17: Madam Birdie


SW18: Lovers

SW19: Tender Heart


SW20: Coming Home to Myself


Madam Birdie


Tender Heart

Coming Home to Myself

SW21: Delight
SW22: Love Dance
SW23: Venus
SW24: Soul Bird


Love Dance


Soul Bird



SW25: Family Affair

Family Affair

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TR01: Hosts of Angels
TR02: The Path Home
TR03: Southern Heart
TR04: Topa Topas
Hosts of Angels
The Path Home
TR4 Gardenia Heart
TR5 Topa Topas
TR05: Morning Mediation
TR06: Yellow Roses
TR07: Morning Has Broken
TR08: Maiden Dance
TR5 Morning Meditation
TR6 Yellow Roses
TR7 Morning Has Broken
TR8 Goddess Dance
TR09: Santa Barbara Gardenia
TR10: Rose Devas
TR11: Angel of Joy
TR15: Moonlit Callas
TR9 Santa Barbara Gardenia
Rose Devas
TR11 Angel of Joy
Moonlit Callas
TR19: Divine Mother
TR20: Valley of the Moon
TR21: Om Chanti
TR22: Om Shanti
Divine Mother
Valley on the Moon (Ojai)
Om Chanti
Om Shanti
TR23: Hanukah Menorah
TR25: Shamrock Bouquet
TR26: Bunny Love
TR28: Morning Glory Heart
Hanukah Menorah
Shamrock Bouquet
Bunny Love
Morning Glory Heart
TR29: Day Dreaming
TR30: Wings of Love
TR31: Soaring Hearts
TR32: Namaste Lotus
Day Dreaming
Wings of Love
Soaring Hearts
Namaste Lotus
TR33: Peace Lotus
TR27: Excellent Mother Award
TR35: Excellent Father Award
TR36: Graduation Tribute
  Peace Lotus Excellent Mother Award Excellent Father Award Graduation Tribute
TR34: Waiting for Santa
TR37: Eagle Heart
TR38: Buddha TR39: Tree of Light
Waiting for Santa
Eagle Heart
Tree of Light
  TR41: HorseFeather Sky TR42: 12-12-12- Peace Dove TR43: The Eye of Horus TR44: Blue Dragonfly
  HorseFeather Sky 12 12 12 Peace Dove The Eye of Horus Blue Dragonfly
  TR45: Lemon Tree TR46: Bluebirds of Happiness TR47: Angel with Lyre TR48: Light of Divine Love
  TR49: Where the Heart Is TR50: Pure Heart of Light TR51: Rooted in Love TR52: Thank You
  TR53: Red Rose Bouquet TR54: Western Tiger Swallowtail TR55: Little Jack TR56: Infinite Love
  TR57: Djembe Drumming TR58: Milky Way Over Chief Peak    
TRC01: Lake Casitas
TRC02: Oak Tree
TRC03: Horse Play
TRC04: Spirit Filled
Lake Casitas
Oak Tree
Horse Play
Spirit Filled
TRC05: Escape
TRC06: In Another Time
TRC07: Sophisticated Lady
TRC08: Mermaid Dream
In Another Time
Sophisticated Lady
Mermaid Dream
TRC09: Fairwell My Love
TRC10: Enchanted
TRC11: Bird of Paradise
TRC13: Bucking Bull
Fairwell My Love
Bird of Paradise
Bucking Bull
TRC14: Entwined
TRC15: Holding Your Heart
TRC16: Wedding
TRC17: Heaven Bound
Holding Your Heart
Heaven Bound
TRC18: Weeping
TRC19: Blue Heart
TRC21: Pink Lake Casitas
TRC23: California Poppies
Blue Heart
  TRC24: In My Dreams TRC25: Blue Mountain Ponies TRC26: Dolphins TRC27: Santa Ana Barn
  In My Dreams
  TRC28: Swans TRC29: Palm Plant TRC31: June Lake TRC32: Little Green River
  TRC33: Mermaid Dream Blue Tail TRC34: Open Heaven TRC35: Ballet Dancer TRC36: Breaking Through
  TRC37: Lavender Mermaid TRC38: Watercolor Appaloosas TRC39: Mussel Shoals TRC41: Mermaid on the Moon
  TRC42: Kitty World TRC44: Blissfull Moment TRC45: Pastry Princess TRC46: Native Face