Diana Marye Huff is a classically trained, abundantly talented professional artist working in several fields including fine oils, illustration, and painting on furniture in a most unique and remarkable manner.

Her drawings are witty, beguiling and romantic. Tiffany, Crane, Bergdoff’s, Glamour Magazine, have all hired her to create illustrations  for their products.

Diana painted a fanciful piece of artwork for Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding, which has been all over the TV news. It was purchased as a gift by one of the Clinton’s guests.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Painting

See below for Diana's self description:

"Well this is my self-portrait it captures the acid essence of myself and my two girls. We tend toward Balzac, Lautrec and Marie Antoinette with a spare note of St. Francis for balance."

Diana Marye Huff Self Portrait

Follow this link to Diana's website, to see more of her whimsical and imaginative work: www.DianaMaryeHuff.com

DMH04: We Three
Love & Kisses
Apple Pie Mom
Hearts & Flowers
We Three
DMH05: Squirrel Dinner
DMH06: Day on the Town
DMH07: Meditation
DMH08: Mermaid
Squirrel Dinner
Tiny Town
DMH09: Seahorses
DMH10: Bouquet
DMH11: Black Cat
DMH12: Halloween Candy
Black Cat
Halloween Candy
DMH13: Trick or Treat
DMH14: Holiday Party
DMH15: Dance of the Snowmen
DMH16: Yule Tree
Trick or Treat
Holiday Party
Dance of the Snowmen
Yule Tree