RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists
Robi Klein is known for his bold colors and imaginative images. His recent works whimsically convey joy, love, freedom, and nature. Robi was a part-time artist for over 30 years and sold numerous works throughout that time. After retiring, he was able to devote his energies to his art full time.
RK01: Heart Strings
RK02: Heart Reflections
RK03: Into the Horizon
RK04: Expanding Heart
Heart Strings
Heart Reflections
Into the Horizon
Expanding Heart
RK05: Breathing the Sun
RK06: Hope
RK07: Golden Hills
RK08: Crazy Heart
Breathing the Sun
Golden Hills
Crazy Heart
RK9: Just Hold Me Close
RK10: The Bluebird of Happiness
RK11: Love Bouquet
RK12: Sacred Grove
Just Hold Me Close
Bluebird of Happiness

Love Bouquet

Sacred Grove
RK13: After Henri
RK14: Fish Story
RK15: Magical Birthday
RK16: Under the Oak
After Henri
Fish Story
Magical Birthday
Under the Oak
RK18: Thinking of You
RK20: Earth Egg
RK21: Easter Nest
RK23: Peace
Thinking of You
Earth Egg
Easter Nest
RK24: Earth Heart
RK25: Erin Go Bragh
RK26: Lotus Heart
RK27: Blue Jean Love
Earth Heart
Erin Go Bragh
Lotus Heart
Blue Jean Love
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