RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists


Sandy has a great gift in home arts, and her artworks charmingly and winningly advance the peaceful, loving qualities of a happy home. For more of Sandy's work, see her website: And if you have the opportunity of being in Ojai, California, you will find a visit to her shop, "Jones & Co., The Art of Home" an enchanting experience, for it embodies Sandy's beautiful sentiments in so many ways. As Sandy herself has said, the store "is very much like walking into a three dimensional version of my paintings."

Please visit Sandy's Website for more art:, or view her originals at Sandy's shop, Jones & Company, The Art of Home, at 307 N. Montgomery St., Ojai, CA 93023.

SJ01: Sweet Peace
SJ02: Home for the Holidays

SJ03: Christmas Tea

SJ04: Christmas Eve

Sweet Peace
Home for the Holidays
Christmas Tea
Christmas Eve

SJ05: Creek Road Christmas

SJ06: A Summer Day

SJ07: Beach Day

SJ08: Sailing

Creek Road Christmas
A Summer Day
Beach Day

SJ09: Song Birds

SJ10: An Evening at Home

SJ11: Cappucino for Two

SJ12: Gardening Day

Song Birds
An Evening at Home
Cappucino for Two
Gardening Day

SJ13: My Boudoir

SJ14: Sun Room

SJ15: Contentment

SJ16: The Heart of the Home

My Boudoir
The Sun Room
The Heart of the Home

SJ17: Tea Time

SJ18: Song of Light

SJ19: Tea for Two

SJ20: The Porch

Tea Time
Song of Light
Tea for Two
The Porch

SJ21: Ojai Christmas

SJ22: Ojai Sunrise

SJ23: Ojai Joy

SJ24: Cozy Couch

Ojai Christmas
Ojai Sunrise
Ojai Joy
Cozy Couch

SJ25: San Francisco

SJ26: Music Room

SJ27: Ojai in Bloom

SJ28: Tea Party

San Francisco
Music Room
Ojai in Bloom
Tea Party
  SJ32: Sunset at Ojai Valley Inn