RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists


Frank Morgan is an amazingly creative artist who does drawings and oil and watercolor paintings like a master.. His style is impressionistic with the focus on natural light.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Frank earned his BFA from Hartford Art School in 1971 and then continued his studies at Cape School of Art with Henry Hensche and at Malden Bridge School of Art with Richard Goetz.

A popular recording artist, Frank also writes and performs beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting music.



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FM01; Snow Sledding
FM03: Seaside Village
FM04: (Besant) Meadow Sunset
Snow Sledding
Snowy Village
Seaside Village
Meadow Sunset
FM05: Mountain View FM06: Eucalyptus Grove FM07: Setting Sun FM09: (Besant) Meadow Morning
Mountain View Eucalyptus Grove Setting Sun (Besant) Meadow Morning