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Debbie's Original Artworks are periodically on sale at Wachter's in Ojai, on the patio. Check back here for future dates. The address is 114 S Montgomery St, Ojai.

We are very proud and happy to present the work of Debbie Johnstone, an artist in the true sense of the word. Not only is she skilled and talented at creating beautiful and thought-provoking visual images, but her work carries a wonderful vibration of deeper meanings.

"I started out my life with a pencil in my hand. At age 4, I was supposed to be taking a nap.  When my Mom went to check on me she found an elaborate drawing of a city on the wall, which I had made.  I mostly drew horses and created stories around them as a small kid."

Debbie Johnstone

Having earned a BA in Studio Art from University of California, Santa Barbara, Debbie also attended art classes at University of Redlands and Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.  One of her professors at U of R was the Ojai resident and famous artist, John Nava.  With a MA in Counseling, Debbie has worked in education as a counselor, teacher, and tutor.

Debbie works mostly with a combination of watercolors and pastels, but also with oils and acrylics, and additionally has created some mosaics. Her specialty is dreamscenes, which are whimsical scenes inspired by her nighttime dreams, meditations or imagination, interior spaces, horses, and water.  She focuses on color relations and creating distorted perspectives to create dream-like images.

In addition, Debbie leads interactive Dream workshops in Ojai, Santa Barbara, and at the University of Redlands. These workshops are designed to enable students to personally work with their own dreams and those of their fellow students, utilizing a dream interview method created by Dr. Galye Delaney, which helps to make sense of one's unique dream symbols. Workshops also include activities that demonstrate using dreams for creative inspiration in all areas of your life.

Lastly, Debbie gives readings at Healing In America's Ojai location. See

Contact Debbie for commission works or originals, and for class session times.

For more on Debbie Johnstone, follow this link to her website:

DJS01: Moonlight Voyage
DJS02: A Walk On the Marina

DJS03: Pool Party

DJS04: Moonlight Meditation

Moonlight Voyage
A Walk On the Marina
Pool Party
Moonlight Meditation

DJS05: Mountiantop Revelation

DJS06: Bath Time Meditation

DJS07: Cats in Paradise

DJS08: The Magical Present

Mountaintop Revelation
Bath Time Meditation
Cats in Paradise
The Magical Present

DJS09: Freedom

DJS10: Contemplation

DJS11: A Good Run

DJS12: Ocean View

A Good Run
Ocean View
DJS13: Next to the Orchard
DJS14: A Whole Lotta Loving
DJS15: The Sea at Our Door
DJS16: Scampering Home
Next to the Orchard
A Whole Lotta Loving
The Sea at Our Door
Scampering Home
DJS17: Tanka, the Strawberry Appoloosa DJS18: Cuddling DJS19: Spiraling Sun DJS20: Presence
Tangka, the Strawberry Appoloosa Cuddling Spiraling Sun Presence
DJS21: Magnum, the Palomino DJS23: Room with a Santa Barbara View DJS24: Moonlight Romance DJS25: Pinky Blue Oaks
Magnum, the Palomino Room with a Santa Barbara View Moonlight Romance