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Sandy describes her sculptural expressions as "the treasures of [her] travels within the many dimensions of our human/spiritual nature."

"Art is a language that speaks to the soul. Through symbols, images and moods a work of art takes the viewer on a sacred journey, and ultimately toward their own Divine nature.

Art speaks to the unlived energy within us, to old buried wounds, and to the emergence of new energies. Art becomes for us a vehicle for healing... and a means by which we come home to ourselves.

Art is a song that sings us home... it has the capacity to touch those precious parts of our being which have been denied into the shadows of our awareness. For as we bring those buried aspects of ourselves into the light of consciousness there in lies the potential for transformation, for healing, and for connecting to our souls truth.

My gifts as a healer and a visionary allow me the ability bring forth art for the soul and spirit; to serve individuals in their journey toward wholeness and to serve the collective through embracing and expressing the reemerging energies of the sacred feminine.

It is my honor and delight to bring forward these artistic visions.
It is my hope that they offer light and healing into the world, and serve as blessing to those whom are drawn to them."

Sandy Wolk
Artist, Healer,Visionary
Earthsong Designs
(805) 646-6760 Ojai, Ca

Sandy is available for commission pieces. Call for a consultation.

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SW01: Spirit of the Topas

SW02: The Love Between Woman and Horse

SW03: Oneness

SW04: Mother and Baby 1

Spirit of the Topas

The Love Between Woman and Horse


Mother and Baby 1

SW05: Held in the Nest

SW06: Ascend

SW07: Surrender

SW08: Shakti

Held in the Nest





SW09: Emerging from the Chrysalis


SW10: Solace

SW11: Blessing Woman


SW12: Carry Me Home

Emerging from the Chrysalis


Blessing Woman

Carry Me Home


SW13: Mother and Child 2


SW14: Mother and Child

SW15: Emergence


SW16: The Couple

Mother and Child 2

Mother and Child


The Couple


SW17: Madam Birdie


SW18: Lovers

SW19: Tender Heart


SW20: Coming Home to Myself

Madam Birdie


Tender Heart

Coming Home to Myself


SW21: Delight


SW22: Love Dance

SW23: Venus


SW24: Soul Bird


Love Dance


Soul Bird


SW25: Family Affair





Family Affair




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