RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists


David Klein's art flows effortlessly from his wholistic relationship to life. An avid organic gardener, he grows a full year supply of garlic and other delicious vegetables and fruits. A true bicycle enthusiast, David bicycles everywhere he can, and organizes monthly full-moon bicycle rides. David also builds custom bicycles, utilizing recycled frames.
DK01: King's Mantle
DK02: Totem

DK03: Sunflower

DK04: Red Columbine

King's Mantle
DK05: Succulent Flower
DK06: Cat in the Grass
DK08: Jester Flower
DK09: Buddha Flower
Succulent Flower
Cat in the Grass
Jester Flower
Buddha Flower

DK10: Three Stems

DK11: Blooming Bicycle

DK12: Holiday Delivery

DK13: Home Sweet Home

Three Stems
Blooming Bicycle
Holiday Delivery
Home Sweet Home

DK14: Urban River

DK15: One Hot Pepper

DK16: Red Zinnias

DK17: Red Orchid

Urban River
One Hot Pepper
Red Zinnias
Red Orchid

DK18: Moon Shadow

DK19: Heart to Heart

DK20: Fuscias

DK22: Red Day Lily

Heart to Heart
Red Day Lily
DK23: Nasturtiums
DK25: Echinacea

DK27: Side By Side

DK28: Gingko FloAwer

Side By Side
Gingko Flower

DK29: Red Carnation

DK30: Shasta Daisy

DK31: Red Gladiola

DK32: Organic

Red Carnation
Yellow Shasta Daisy
Red Gladiola

DK35: Canary Bird Flower

DK36: Blue Bachelor Button

DK37: Lily of the Valley

DK38: Red Poppy

Canary Bird Flower
Blue Bachelor Button
Lily of the Valley
Red Poppy