RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists


David Klein's art flows effortlessly from his wholistic relationship to life. An avid organic gardener, he grows a full year supply of garlic and other delicious vegetables and fruits. A true bicycle enthusiast, David bicycles everywhere he can, and organizes monthly full-moon bicycle rides. David also builds custom bicycles, utilizing recycled frames.

David recently established a bicycle shop at his grade & high-school alma-mata, Oak Grove School, refurbishing dozens of donated bicycles for the students' use in the bicycling class he coaches, and in teaching the students bicycle maintenance and repair.

All artworks available as 5x7 folded cards, 3x4 folded mini cards, and as artprints.

DK1: King's Mantle
DK2: Totem

DK3: Sunflower

DK4: Red Columbine

King's Mantle

DK5: Succulent Flower


DK8: Jester Flower

Succulent Flower
Cat in the Grass
Mahakali Flower
Jester Flower


DK9: Buddha Flower


DK10: Three Stems


DK11: Blooming Bicycle


DK12: Holiday Delivery

Buddha Flower
Three Stems
Blooming Bicycle
Holiday Delivery


DK13: Home Sweet Home


DK14: Urban River


DK15: One Hot Pepper


DK16: Red Zinnias

Home Sweet Home
Urban River
One Hot Pepper
Red Zinnias


DK17: Red Orchid


DK18: Moon Shadow


DK19: Heart to Heart


DK20: Fuscias

Red Orchid
Heart to Heart


DK21: Two Stems


DK22: Red Day Lily


DK23: Nasturtiums


DK24: Tree Collards

Two Stems
Red Day Lily
Tree Collards


DK25: Echinacea


DK26: Grasshopper Flower


DK27: Side By Side


DK28: Gingko FloAwer

Grasshopper Flower
Side By Side
Gingko Flower


DK29: Red Carnation


DK30: Yellow Shasta Daisy


DK31: Red Gladiola


DK32: Organic

Red Carnation
Yellow Shasta Daisy
Red Gladiola


DK33: Chinatown


DK34: Avacado Starts


DK35: Canary Bird Flower


DK36: Blue Bachelor Button

Avacado Starts
Canary Bird Flower
Blue Bachelor Button


DK37: Lily of the Valley


DK38: Red Poppy

Lily of the Valley
Red Poppy