RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists



Cynthia Waring Matthews

Cynthia touches truth and heals people through several diverse but interconnected avenues, including her wonderful watercolors, her book "Bodies Unbound; Transforming Lives Through Touch", her one-woman show of the same name, her powerful yet gentle spiritual counseling, writing classes, and by giving sumptuous raw food retreats. Cynthia says "God is only love and doesn't need convincing to give us all He has.  All that is needed is a greater ability to Love, Give, watch the infinite flow into our existence and be grateful.." We at RoRo feel that spending any amount of time with Cynthia is a gift.


CWM01: Blooming Inside

CWM02: The Beckoning Door

CWM03: Harmony

CWM04: Rest

Blooming Inside
The Beckoning Door

CWM05: Simple Comforts

CWM06: Blessings

CWM07: Love Grows

CWM08: Esalen Shower

Simple Comforts
Love Grows
Esalen Shower

CWM09: Esalen Bathroom

CWM10: Zendo (Esalen)

CWM11: Armoire

CWM12: Contented Cats

Esalen Bathroom
Zendo (Esalen)
Contented Cats

CWM13: California Pottery

CWM14: Lotus Bed

CWM15: Easy Chair

CWM16: Horses

California Pottery
Lotus Bed
Easy Chair

CWM17: Living Room

CWM18: Starry Night

CWM19: The Calico Cat

CWM20: The Reading Room

Living Room
Starry Night The Calico Cat The Reading Room

CWM21: Awaiting You

CWM22: Henrietta Hen

CWM23: What'sCooking?

CWM24: Winter Warmth

Awaiting You
Henrietta Hen
What's Cooking?
Winter Warmth

CWM25: White Christmas

CWM26: Visiting Van Gogh CWM27: Santa Barbara Pier CWM28: Roberta's Cats
White Christmas
Visiting Van Gogh
Santa Barbara Pier
Roberta's Cats
CWM29: Montecito Cottage CWM30: Leaning Horses CWM31: Chickens CWM32: Dreaming Dog
Montecito Cottage Leaning Horses Chickens Dreaming Dog
CWM33: Happy Everything CWM34: Buddha CWM35: Reclining Buddha CWM36: Mt. Carmel Church Door
Marco Christmas Buddha Reclining Buddha Mt. Carmel Church Door
CWM37: Mt. Carmel Church CWM38: Mt. Carmel Bell CWM39: Mt. Carmel Churchyard CWM40: Grandma's Cactus
Mt. Carmel Church Mt. Carmel Bell Mt. Carmel Courtyard Grandma's Cactus
CWM41: Romeo CWM42: Prayer for Peace CWM43: Visiting Matisse CWM44: June
Romeo Prayer for Peace Visiting Matiss June
CWM45: (Ojai or CA) Sky CWM46: Dark Horses CWM47: Sunflowers CWM50: Contemplation
California (Ojai) Sky Dark Horses Sunflowers Contemplation
CWM51: Angel CWM52: The Lady with Tourquoise Hair


CWM53: The Tree of Live
Angel The Lady with Tourquoise Hair The Tree of Life