RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists
Michelle Dransart is a native of the beautiful and tranquil Ojai Valley, which probably has played a part in creating the serene aura she emanates. Home, family, and community are paramount to Michelle. She derives her greatest inspiration from the loves of her life, her husband Bryan and their adorable son. We think her delightful art is an expression of her joy of living. Michelle's background is in healing arts, cultural anthropology, and in teaching children of all ages. She has worked with adults and children with special needs including autism, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's. Passions, aside from creating, include exploration and adventures worldwide, living abroad and traveling among different cultures. Michelle has backpacked through 20 countries to date. She loves nature, hiking, surfing and yoga.
When Michelle's children were very young, she made the artworks that are in these cards, As her children grew a little older, she started photographing families, couples, children and babies, and she has become very successful in this area. It is no surprise, because her work in this area is exceedingly wonderful and life-affirming. Check it out by going to Michelle's website:
MD01: Wildflower Bouquet
MD02: Sunset Celebration
MD03: Plumeria Dreams
Wildflower Bouquet
Birthday Balloons
Plumeria Dream
Happy Flowers
MD07: Marvelous Mom
MD10: Baby Toes
Two Hearts as One
Stargazer Lilies
Mavelous Mom Baby Feet
MD08: Merci
MD09: Merci
MD12: Carribean Dream
MD09: Merci
Merci Merci Carribean Dream Merci
MD13: Yoga Mama
MD14: Hot Mama
MD15: Sweet Blossoms
MD16: Hammock for Two
Yoga Mama Blue Corn Sweet Blossoms Hammock for Two
MD17: Sunset Surfer
MD19: The (Ventura) Pier
MD20: Yule "Tide" Greetings
MD21: Holiday Blessings
Sunset Surfer The Pier The Pier Holiday Blessings
MD22: Adventure Boy
MD23: Adventure Girl
  Adventure Boy Adventure Girl  

MD25: Father's Day Daughter and Son

MD26: Father's Day Daughters
MD26: Father's Day Daughters
Father's Day Sons Father's Day Daughter and Son Father's Day Daughters Father's Day Daughters
MD28: Pink Birthday Cake
MD29: All Things Grow
MD30: Blue Birthday Cake
Pink Birthday Cake All Things Grow Blue Birthday Cake