RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists



RoRo Artworks began with a desire to share some of the art of two young artists: David Klein and Soriya Blalöck. After printing these first greeting cards, Robi Klein and Theresa Romero found the response so gratifying that they decided to continue, to enlarge the audience, and to also reproduce some of their own work in this manner.

We so enjoyed seeing all of our works in print and sharing these with the public. Then we started getting requests for artists to join us and decided to expand to include a group of artists.

We now have a group of 22 artists whose works it is our pleasure to reproduce in print, and more artists waiting to join. Each artist has their own webpage in our online gallery and their artworks are for sale in our catalog.. We are now working on expanding our sales throughout the US.

We treasure this endeavor as a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other artists and we are committed to success.

We donate 5% of our profits to charities. Our designated charitiy is homelessness

Originals & Art Prints available directly from each artist.