Soriya Blalöck is one of those rare individuals who breathe art. Everything she does is art and in her words "Art is life". Soriya paints every day, as it is as important to her as air. Her art freely expresses the exuberance of her soul, blessing all who are graced by her presence.

Soriya teaches art at the Oak Grove School in Ojai, CA. During the summer hiatus, she often works as a personal chef, preparing delicious and healthful meals. Soriya loves to travel to other countries, having already been to Peru, Scandanavia, Bolivia, Prauge, Mexico, and Italy, and planning to visit Spain next summer.


SB01: Happy Birthday Grasshopper
SB02: Movie Kiss
SB03: Only Words
SB1 Green Man
SB11 Movie Kiss
SB3 Mere Words

SB04: Egyptian Hand

SB05: The Lovers

SB06: Strengthen Me
SB4 Egyptian Hand
SB5 The Lovers
Strenghten Me

SB07: Orbit

SB08: Flying to Music

SB09: Sun Dreams
SB7 Orbit
Flying to the Music
SB9 Sun Dreams

SB10: Sunshine

SB11: The Meadow

SB12: Thinking of You
SB10: Sunny
SB11 The Meadow
Thinking of You

SB13: Firecracker Flowers

SB14: Cafe Tacyba

SB15: La Luna De Amour
Firecracker Flowers
Cafe Tacyaba
La Luna De Amour
SB17: Ancestor
There You Are