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In my landscapes and still-lifes, I seek to convey the soul of the place and the living vibration of the moment. All works are in watercolors, acrylics, or digital art.

Upon experiencing tragedies in life, I lost touch with my deepest truths for awhile, but the spirituality that I had practiced at my mother's knee assisted me in eventually re-opening to my deeper awareness, including of the spiritual essence of all beings, alive or inert, and of my life purpose, which is to cultivate and carry the vibration of peace to the best of my ability into every moment and every experience that comes - including the mundane and boring, and especially the shocking and traumatic.

There are no accidents, nor are we being punished by difficult experiences. We take on our challenges from a soul level, to help transmute these energies on behalf of all of our bretheren, and out of deepest love.

I am so grateful to my dear parents, my brother and sister, and my first born, all now on the other side of the veil, my cousins, who I love as siblings, and for the step siblings who embraced me with love and assisted me in growing. I am so grateful for the mentors who have empowered me. For the friends through the decades who have never left my heart, and for the men who have loved me. And most espcially for my beloved son. Thank you. This is what life is about.

TR01: Hosts of Angels
TR02: The Path Home
TR03: Southern Heart
TR04: Pink Moment
Hosts of Angels
The Path Home
TR4 Gardenia Heart
TR5 Topa Topas
TR05: Morning Meditation
TR06: Yellow Roses
TR07: Morning Has Broken
TR08: Maiden Dance
TR5 Morning Meditation
TR6 Yellow Roses
TR7 Morning Has Broken
TR8 Goddess Dance
TR09: Santa Barbara Gardenia
TR10: Rose Devas
TR11: Angel of Joy
TR15: Moonlit Callas
TR9 Santa Barbara Gardenia
Rose Devas
TR11 Angel of Joy
Moonlit Callas
TR19: Divine Mother
TR20: Valley of the Moon (Ojai)
TR22: Om Shanti
TR23: Hanukah Menorah
Divine Mother
Valley on the Moon (Ojai)
Om Shanti
Hanukah Menorah
TR25: Shamrock Bouquet
TR26: Bunny Love
TR28: Morning Glory Heart
TR29: Day Dreaming
Shamrock Bouquet Bunny Love Morning Glory Heart Day Dreaming
TR30: Wings of Love
TR31: Soaring Hearts
TR32: Namaste Lotus
TR33: Peace Lotus
Wings of Love
Soaring Hearts
Namaste Lotus
Peace Lotus
TR27: Excellent Mother Award
TR35: Excellent Father Award
TR36: Graduation Tribute
TR34: Waiting for Santa
Excellent Mother Award
Excellent Father Award
Graduation Tribute
Waiting for Santa
TR37: Eagle Heart
TR38: Buddha TR39: Tree of Light TR41: HorseFeather Sky
Eagle Heart
Buddha Tree of Light Horse Feather Sky
TR42: 12-12-12- Peace Dove TR43: The Eye of Horus TR44: Blue Dragonfly TR45: Lemon Tree
Peace Dove The Eye of Horus Blue Dragonfly
TR46: Bluebirds of Happiness TR47: Angel with Lyre TR48: Light of Divine Love TR49: Where the Heart Is
TR50: Pure Heart of Light TR51: Rooted in Love TR52: Thank You TR53: Red Rose Bouquet
TR54: Western Tiger Swallowtail TR55: Little Jack TR56: Infinite Love TR57: Djembe Drumming
TR58: Milky Way Over Ojai TR60: Love Light TR67: Love Light, Heal Us TR61: Lily of the Valley Heart
Love Light Love Light, Heal Us Lily of the Valley Heart
TR59: North Star Over Ojai TR63: Laughing Reindeer TR70: All the Stars in the Sky Have Come Together TR72: Hanukah Lights
North Star Over Ojai Laughing Reindeer All the Stars Have Come Together Hanukah Lights
TR68: Holiday Blessings TR71:'Tis the Season TR73: Heart Connections

TR74: The Key to Everything

Holiday Blessings Tis the Season Heart Connections The Key to Everything
TR75: Angel of Peace TR76: Christmas Angel    
Angel of Peace Christmas Angel    
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