RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists


Emily Ann Freiman

Emily Freiman, a Connecticut-born artist and Art Therapist, has lived in the California Bay area for over 30 years. Emily creates intense, high color florals in acrylics, painterly abstracts and portraits, dreamy impressionistic landscapes, mixed media pieces and still lifes that vibrate with energy. Emily's gift is a sensitivity to the use of color, form, tone and texture in her work, that create a mood or mirror an emotion. Her work's intent is to remind us of the powerful light energy forces that dance behind all objects in nature.

"Emily's goal is to create art to "uplift and transform the human spirit."

Mediums of choice are acrylics, watercolor, pastel and gouache. She also hand paints silk scarves.

Artists that have influenced her work include Chagall, O'Keeffe, Monet, Wolf Kahn.

She studied two and three dimensional art at both the University of Hartford Art School and Massachusetts College of Art. Going on to major in illustration at Paier College of Art in Connecticut, she studied under fine art teachers that include Rudolf Zallinger, Ken Davies, and John Massamino. Emily studied Chinese Brush Painting with Madeleine Fu in San Francisco and textile surface design with Zeida Rothman in Berkeley.

Within the last ten years Emily and fine artist/illustrator Gary Morgan collaborated on and completed five commissioned murals on site in Sonoma County. She interfaced with the designer industry, designing and producing a line of  home textiles that included custom hand painted pillows, which led to hand painted raw silk sportswear. Emily has taught watercolor, acrylic and other art classes at several community colleges in the bay area.

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Currently Emily is showing at Artists of the Valley Gallery in Napa California.

EAF02: Dancing Magnolia
EAF04: Salmon Rib Sky
Sunflowers in Vase Dancing Magnolia Eucalyptus Grove Salmon Rib Sky
EAF05: Eucalyptus and Barn (Sonoma) EAF06: Cherries on Lace 2 EAF07: Cherries on Lace EAF08: Two Golden Pears in a Ceramic Bowl
Eucalyptus and Barn Cherries on Lace 2 Cherries on Lace Two Golden Pears in a Ceramic Bowl
EAF09: Three Pears in a Rose Bowl EAF10: Three Peppers EAF11: Feather River EAF12: Hot Summer Hill (Petaluma, CA)
Three Pears in a Rose Bowl Three Peppers Father River Hot Summer Hill (Petaluma, CA)
EAF13: Lone Oak

EAF14: Waterlillies After Monet

EAF15: Yellow Rose, Purple Shadows EAF16: Tree in Winter
Lone Oak Waterlilies After Monet Yellow Rose, Purple Shadows Tree in Winter
EAF17: Tree Sparrow EAF18: Diffenbachia in Pink Pot EAF19: Eat Your Veggies

EAF20: Boreal Winter Scene

Tree Sparrow Diffenbachia in Pink Pot Eat Your Veggies Boreal Winter Scene
EAF21: Purple Haze Savannah EAF22: Calla Lily on Blue EAF23: Dancers with Heart EAF24: Blue Flowers ala O'Keefe
Purple Haze Savannah Calla Lily on Blue Dancers with Heart Blue Flowers ala O'Keefe
EAF25: Amaryllis Beladonna EAF26: Lemon in Rose Bowl EAF27: Two Red Pears EAF28: Four Bosc Pears
Amaryllis Belladonna Lemon in Rose Bowl Two Red Pears Four Bosc Pears
EAF29: Red Apple on Tourquoise EAF30: Lily Dreams EAF31: Elements in Balance EAF32: Not So Still Life
Red Apple on Tourquoise
Lily Dreams
Elements in Balance
Not So Still Life