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Alison Billings portrait

Artist Statement: 
As an artist who works in both illustration and photography, I strive to capture moments of grace and beauty that transcend the mundane. I am particularly drawn to the interplay of light and illumination, and the way it can transform the most ordinary of scenes into something magical.

My work is deeply rooted in a love and appreciation for the natural world. I am always seeking out the small moments of beauty existing all around me. 

Through my art, I hope to encourage others to see the world through a lens of wonder and appreciation. Whether through a carefully composed photograph or a whimsical illustration, I seek to capture the essence of a moment and invite the viewer to share in its beauty.

Alison's e-mail is:
AB02: Follow Your Heart
AB03: Love Lights the Way
AB04: Serenity
Follow Your Heart
Love Lights the Way
AB05: Breaking Through
AB06: A Heartfelt Thank You  
Breaking Through
A Heartfelt Thank You  
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