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There are not enough hours in a day to paint all that inspires me.  I feel very lucky to be a woman artist living in Ventura, California, with my husband and two kids.  My painting style is poetic realism, because I am inspired by the visual world around me.  Ventura is a little piece of heaven, with the island views, the natural beach and local scenes.   I try to capture that beauty on canvas or paper.   Currently I am working on a series of beach related scenes.  Since my family and I are at the beach every weekend, playing, surfing or just walking, this was just a natural subject matter.  I try to get the viewer to see their everyday surroundings with new eyes.  One painting leads to another.   My painting technique is very traditional, starting with a under painting, value study, with thick over thin paint, working dark to light.  I try to capture freshness and simplicity and luminosity in my paintings.   I would like to add I am still learning and when I look at other artists work that I admire, I realize I have a  long road ahead .  I welcome any questions and can be reached at my studio.   (805) 644-6088.

Tina's work can be seen at the fabulous new Tina O'Brien Gallery & Studio in Ventura Harbor Village, at 1559 Spinnaker Drive, Suite 106, Ventura, CA beginning July 22!

For more about Tina, please view her website at:

TOB01: Small Vase on Porch

TOB02: Seascape

TOB03: Best Day Ever

Small Vase on Porch


Best Day Ever

TOB04: Big Wednesday

TOB05: C Street Parking

TOB06: Cemetery Park 01

TOB07: Cemetery Park Series 04

Big Wednesday

C Street Parking

Cemetery Park 01

Cemetery Park Series 04


TOB08: Christina by the Beach


TOB09: Christina by the Ventura Harbor

TOB10: Christina in Ojai


TOB11: Christina on the Beach

Christina by the Beach

Christina by the Ventura Harbor

Christina in Ojai

Christina on the Beach

TOB12: Detail Surfer Girl

TOB14: Dredge

TOB14: Dream Wave

Detail Surfer Girl


Dream Wave

TOB15: In the Tube

TOB16: Looking Back at Surfer's Point

TOB17: Middles Surfers' Point

In the Tube

Looking Back at Surfer's Point

Middles Surfers' Point

TOB18: Morning Stroll, Ventura

TOB19: Morning View from Pierpont

TOB20: North of Emma Wood

TOB21: Paseo de Playa

Morning Stroll, Ventura

Morning View from Pierpont

North of Emma Wood

Paseo de Playa

TOB22: Pierpont Beach

TOB23: Pierpont Beach Still Life Series 05

Pierpont Beach

Pierpont Beach Still Life Series 05

TOB24: Pierpont Beach Still Life Series 06

TOB25: Pieroint Beach Ventura

TOB26: Pipe Surfers' Point, Ventura

Pierpont Beach Still Life Series 06

Pieroint Beach Ventura

Pipe Surfers' Point, Ventura

TOB27: Still Life in Blue

TOB28: Rincon

TOB29: South Jetty

Still Life in Blue


South Jetty

TOB30: South of Ventura Pier

TOB31: Surfer's Point, Ventura 07

South of Ventura Pier

Surfer's Point, Ventura 07

TOB32: Sun Bath

TOB33: Surfers' Point, Beautiful Day

TOB34: Surfers' Point, Ventura

TOB35: Still Life in Yellow

Sun Bath

Surfers' Point, Beautiful Day

Surfers' Point, Ventura

Still Life in Yellow

TOB36: Ventura Pier 02

TOB37: View from Crowne Plaza

TOB38: View from Pierpont

TOB39: View from Surfers' Point

Ventura Pier 02

View from Crowne Plaza

View from Pierpont

View from Surfers' Point

TOB40: Surfers' Point, Ventura - Small Study

TOB41: Surf's Up

TOB42: Sweet Ocean Lines

TOB43: Tree at Marina Park

Surfers' Point, Ventura - Small Study

Surf's Up

Sweet Ocean Lines

Tree at Marina Park

TOB44: Two Trees View from Pierpont & Seaward

TOB45: Ventura Pier

TOB46: View from Ventura Promenade

Two Trees View from Pierpont & Seaward

Ventura Pier

View from Ventura Promenade


TOB47: View from Rincon


  View from Rincon  
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